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Instructions:  Create a page that describes your hack.  Look at this Example Hack to see what info you should include on your page.  Once you've described your hack add it to the list here:



The Big List of Hacks 


  •  rip64 - hackaudio's audio server
  • Lastkick - Last.fm + Songkick mashup exploring past concert history 
  • Six Degrees of Black Sabbath - Find paths through the artist space
  • Groovify - Create a Spotify and Grooveshark playlist based on what you're #nowplaying on Twitter 
  • BeatBox : Beatport's awesome electronic catalog on your Boxee Box
  •  playlist based on what you're #nowplaying on Twitter 
  • SongbirdVis : Visualization engine in processing.js for Songbird using the Echo Nest analysis data, a la visualizer.fm.
  • lpd's musichackday project : A new approach to exporting scores from Sibelius to anywhere
  • Beatport Beatdown: Review top downloads on beatport in Songbird while controlling display and playback via punching bag
  • The Profoundilizer (aka The Ira Glassifier) - By adding musical interludes, make the tale of your mundane existence sound as profound as an episode of This American Life.
  • SoundCloud Web Shop - Sell your music through your own website, while hosting it all on SoundCloud
  • Rj Patriot - Navigate yourself around the world of national anthems using the compass on an iPhone 3GS and RjDj. 
  • CloudyVoices - A series of sound scenes composed with Acappella sound sof CCmixter with EchoNext API using Supercollider and Groovy 
  • Fake BenFolds - 7Digital and purchase2access Demo : Access a (fake) secret show based on your purchase of the album 'University A Cappella' 
  • ISticks (w/iTaiko and iSteelPan) - drumsticks for any modern touch device (complete with instructable so you can make your own) 
  • AudioKicker - iPhone app that shares ipod music metadate and creates steaming playlist on the fly
  • MusicXML Media Mapping Extension - Presentation here
  • Electro-Mechanical Musicboxes  
  • TweetFM - Tweet.FM.  The missing link between Last.FM and Twitter.
  • The Swinger - Puts swing into any song. 
  • Juxbux - A social music game for Boxee.
  • Overhere - Listen along with any Last.fm user.
  • SetSummary - Because life's too short to actually listen to the whole thing.
  • Bragging Rights - Because you found it first, man. 
  • RecordFinder for MuseScore - Find music tracks by different performers and remixes of your sheet music.
  • Shared Music Discovery - Find new music that will be interesting to two different Last.fm users
  • Artikulator - Multitouch, Multiplayer, Fingerpainting composition for the iPad/iPhone 
  • Mixter Memory - first try at a reality jockey scene in rjdj with a voice from ccMixter 
  • Stickler - your friends' scrobbles, as stickers (almost) 
  • BeatSpy:  Using Twitter to interface with a real-time generative music system. 


Remote Hacks 



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