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Saturday Morning Workshops

Starting on Saturday Morning, there will be a series of API and tech workshops that will get up up to speed on various music technologies.


Workshop Schedule


Starting time  Track 1  Track 2  Length
10:30 RadioWeave



10:45 SongBird


11:10 BandsInTown Beatport 15
11:30 The Echo Nest SoundCloud 20
12:00 Play.me  SoundManager 2 10
12:15 Songkick Indaba Music 10
12:30 ccMixter Twitter 10
12:45 7Digital Yahoo 15

1:00 Bandcamp   10
1:30 RjDj Smule 60


Workshop Details


Track 1


 RadioWeave - 10 minutes (slides- RadioWeave is a social radio composed of user-generated audio channels that are blended together by the listener to create a constant personalized radio mix. The workshop will present the APIs for selecting channels and streaming audio, recording and uploading audio, and providing social interaction through audio feedback, with the hope that new ideas for interactive radio mashups will emerge. More Info.


 Songbird - 20 minutes (slides) - Check out the latest and greatest with the Songbird player. Songbird add-ons 101: creating Feathers, adding features, and reviewing available APIs. More Info


 Bandsintown - 15 Minutes - Overview of the Bandsintown API, details on what we have available and how you can make money using it. Showcase of what has been built as well as ideas for future projects.


 The Echo Nest - 20 minutes The Echo Nest is a research-oriented music intelligence company that provides music content and metadata for music application developers via an array of web services. In this workshop we'll provide a brief overview of our web services - plus we will be announcing several new APIs that are being made available to the public for the first time for this Music Hackday weekend. More info.


  Play.me - 10 Minutes - Warren will give an overview of how to integrate the Play.me API to pull full-track streaming and track data into applications. Read more at lab.playme.com.


Songkick 10 Minutes - Pete will give a description of the Songkick Concerts API: the depth of the data, international coverage, and some cool integrations built on top of it. More information on the Songkick API here


 CCmixter -10 minutes -  ccMixter is a community music site featuring a huge range of sample packs, a cappellas, and remixes licensed under Creative Commons that are completely legal to, sample, mash-up, or interact with in whatever way you want. More info


 7digital - 15 minutes - Overview of 7digital's music samples and store of 9 million tracks from major and indie labels in 16 territories.  Will review how you can use our APIs to integrate and sell music, and earn affiliate referral fees.  More info at 7digital.com/musichackday



Track 2


 Fairtilizer10 minutes - This workshop will present the three levels (simple, advanced and premium) of Fairtilizer API and provide some examples for developers how to manage tracks, playlists, users and events inside their client apps.



 Last.fm 20 Minutes -Straight from London HQ! Matt and Jonty will take you on a tour through the Last.fm API and what it can offer your hack, plus some sneak peeks into what the future holds. More info


 Beatport - 15 minutes - Beatport is the first digital music retailer designed specifically for DJs. Our APIs provide access to our entire catalog, including sales charts, weekly features, playlists from electronic music labels, DJs and producers, and the most up-front new releases for all genres.  More Info.


 SoundCloud - 20 Minutes -Eric and Robb will give you a run-down of the SoundCloud API, show you some cool stuff that have been built on it already and lastly give you some ideas for future SoundCloud-based hacks... More info



 SoundManager 2 - 10 Minutes - Scott Schiller will give a brief overview of browser-based audio, theSoundManager 2 JS + Flash / HTML 5 audio API and live player UI/code demos and examples using audio spectrum/frequency data.


logo.png Indaba Music - 10 minutes - We will be giving a brief introduction to Indaba Music and to our newly released APIs for manipulating user sessions and media files, with a hint of what else is coming to the API in the next few weeks. More Info


favicon.ico Twitter - 10 minutes - Brian Ellin will give a lightning talk on the Twitter Platform.  Will cover the REST, Streaming and Search APIs, and take a quick look at the newly available User Streams API.  Also a sneak peak at Twitter Annotations.  


Yahoo logo Yahoo! 15 minutes - Derek Gathright will give an introduction to Yahoo Query Language, a nifty tool to access just about any API on the web. YQL has full support many web services relevant to Music Hackday, including Yahoo Music, Last.FM, Twitter, Facebook, Google/Yahoo/Bing Search, etc... all wrapped up in a easy to use and familiar SQL-like syntax.



Saturday After Workshop

On Saturday Afternoon there will be longer,  more in-depth workshops.


 Hacking on reality with RjDj - scene creation workshop - 45 minutes - We will be getting everyone up and running with the RJC-1000 scene creation software by showing how to import stems and loops and start adding reality effects. Bring along your musical materials that you want to make into a scene in the following format: up to 32 bars in length, exported at 22.05kHz sample rate. WAV or AIFF. This is the format that's accepted by the RJC-1000.  Yuli and Ragnar will be around to answer everyone's queries regarding to making scenes in the RJC-1000, or making custom modules for the RJC-1000 using Pure Data. We'll also help getting your creations onto the iPhone and iPad to play around with. More info 


 Music on Mobile: Ocarinas, Magic Pianos, Leaf Trombones, and MoPhO! - Ge Wang - Smule

 Due to their mobility, computing power, and sheer strength in numbers, mobile phones have become much more than simply "phones" or miniature laptops, increasingly serving as personal and "natural" extensions of ourselves.  Therein lies, we believe, immense potential to reshape the way we think and do, and especially in how we engage one another expressively and socially.  In this presentation, we explore the research we are doing at Stanford and at Smule: social/mobile music, as well as laptop and mobile phone orchestras - in an intersection of music, computer science, and the joy of building things together.    Ge Wang is an Assistant Professor at Stanford University in the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), and researches interactive software systems for computer music, programming languages, mobile music, and education at the intersection of computer science and music. Ge is the author of the ChucK audio programming language, the founding director of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk), and the co-founder and director of the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO). Ge is the Co-founder, CTO, and Chief Creative Officer of Smule, and the designer of the iPhone's Ocarina and the iPad's Magic Piano.


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