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(My) Bands in (Your) Town

Page history last edited by Peter Watts 10 years, 4 months ago




(automatic gig recommendations)






This music mashup comes direct from Sydney, Australia, in honour of San Fransisco MusicHackDay. It goes a little something like this:


Stick the widget on your website, blog, myspace, whatever, and any visitors will be shown bands that YOU like (via Last.fm), playing in THEIR hometown (courtesy of Bandsintown). It is personalized, effortless gig recommendation! 



'Recommended Local Gigs' shows Artists from your Top 50, while 'More Nearby Gigs' shows similar bands.


I was inspired this amazing hack from the Boston MusicHackDay and wanted extend the tastemaking power to a wider audience.


UPDATED SO THAT IT CORRECTLY DETECTS LOCATIONS!!! Also added a page to compare how it will appear in different cities around the world.




Explore: http://mybandsinyourtown.com/

See it action: http://www.openyoureyesblog.com/


Tools, Platforms and APIs Used


Last.fm API

Bandsintown API

Google Gadgets API

Max Mind Geodata


Next Time


If anyone is contemplating a Hack Day in NY around the time of CMJ, do it!! I'm already travelling half-way round the world, so might as well get some hacking in ;)


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