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Fake BenFolds - 7Digital and purchase2access Demo

Page history last edited by Dan Peachey 10 years, 4 months ago

Fake BenFolds - 7Digital & purchase2access Demo




Dan Peachey



This demo shows how an artist could embed a 7Digital store on their website and integrate it with purchase2access to register download purchases which can then be used to verify access to an exclusive secret show tickets page.  purchase2access does two things:


1) registers a users purchases from a download store

2) lets artists & labels create validation rules to control access to exclusive content e.g pre-sales ticket pages, unlock content in iphone apps, calculate merchandise discounts based on purchase history etc.


Note: purchase2access is a platform I have been developing.  For musichackday, I created the Fake Ben Folds demo that integrated everything to show how it could be used by an artist to drive album sales through exclusive access to a secret show (which is completely fictitious)







Tools, Platforms and APIs Used

7Digital and purchase2access




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