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The Profoundilizer

Page history last edited by Dale Low 12 years, 4 months ago

The Profoundilizer (aka The Ira Glassifier) - By adding musical interludes, make the tale of your mundane existence sound as profound as an episode of This American Life.




The productized version of this app, NowHearThis, is now available in the iTunes App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nowhearthis/id377642958?mt=8 




One of most popular Podcasts is This American Life, Hosted by Ira Glass. Every week they feature an hour of normal people telling their normal stories. So why is it so interesting when tales of your own life are so mundane? It's not because they tend to talk slowly (although this helps to fill out an hour-long show). It's not because of their speech imediments (can you play be a regular on NPR if you don't have a speech impediment?).


What makes This American Life interesting is the short musical segments they play after every banal statement.  Through the magic of music, the mundane becomes profound.


With The Profoundilizer, your life will be as interesting as any This American Life.




Demo In Pictures


1) Dale records the mundane details of his mundane existence (and trust me, they are mundane).



2) Dale previews his recording.  Decides that he doesn't sound interesting and so selects a point to INSERT some profoundness.



3) Dale looks for music that has been named or tagged with "silly" and "piano".  This can search cc:mixter, soundcloud (coming soon), or indaba (coming soon) for matching music.



4) Dale previews the matching recordings, picks one that he likes, and inserts it.



5) Dale sees and hears that his original recording is now way more interesting.  He is more interesting.  He is profound.



6) (sorry, out of time for more pictures) Dale may continue to edit, cut, trim, add, etc... to his liking.


7) Dale uploads his recording to various services (e.g. RadioWeave, SoundCloud - coming soon), choosing how people listen (e.g. raw file, podcasts) and who finds out (e.g. email, twitter, facebook).


8) Dale is now a fascinating person.  He stands taller.  His boss gives him a raise.  His wife treats him more romantical-like.





SoundCloud webshop



Soundbiter iPhone app 

Music Hack Day SF 2010


Tools, Platforms and APIs Used

ccMixter API

RadioWeave API

Soundbiter iPhone app 

SoundCloud API (still working on this)

Indaba API (still working on this)



The profound upload created during the demo may be heard here: http://radioweave.com/tk/68kd 

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