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iSticks (with iSteelPan and iTaiko)



  • David Ayman Shamma




Using some conductive fabric and metal rods, you can drum on any modern touch device. There is an instructable to tell you how to make your own.  


I built two apps for the sticks:  iTaiko (for the iPhone) and iSteelPan (for the iPad).  The steel pan app also has a whack-a-mole mode to teach you how to play.


iSteelPan with drumsticks from ayman on Vimeo.


In the iSteelPan app, the accelerometer is used as a proxy for pressure (softer strikes are somewhat attenuated).



Instructable:  http://bit.ly/istick

Video demo: http://vimeo.com/11788466


Tools, Platforms and APIs Used

Conductive Fabric



Objective-C (iPad/iPhone Native) 

Samples from:



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