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By: Jonty Wareing (@jonty)


What it is


Overhere solves the problem of wanting to listen to the music someone else is playing.

Simply point it at any Last.fm account and Overhere will play back whatever they listen to (with a ~10m delay) in Spotify.


It runs entirely in the browser, no local software is needed.


Spotify is the first supported playback engine, I'll add support for Playdar and hopefully Grooveshark in a future version.




In some kind of sequence...


  1. http://jonty.co.uk/bits/overhere/presentation/frontscreen.png
  2. http://jonty.co.uk/bits/overhere/presentation/mrscruff_lfm.png
  3. http://jonty.co.uk/bits/overhere/presentation/frontscreen_searching.png
  4. http://jonty.co.uk/bits/overhere/presentation/mrscruff_overhere.png
  5. http://jonty.co.uk/bits/overhere/presentation/mrscruff_spotify.png




  • This is completely untested in anything other than firefox.
  • Yes, I know, Spotify is only available in Europe. Sucks to be you.
  • My javascript is so evil it should be imprisoned. Frontend is not my day job.




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